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Call for South East Technological University students to Enact Your Social Impact

Enactus Ireland is calling on the students at South East Technological University to Enact their Social Impact and consider a career as a social entrepreneur. The call comes as the NGO launches its Enact Your Social Impact campaign which aims to raise awareness of social entrepreneurship among third-level students.

Enactus has partnered with the Government through the dormant accounts fund to help promote the value of social entrepreneurship and to explain to students what possibilities are available to them if they choose this path.

As part of the campaign, Enactus Ireland is calling on third-level students from its partner academic institutions to register with Enactus and experience all the programme has to offer future social entrepreneurs. Whether students have an idea for a new social enterprise or wish to work in that field after college, Enactus is interested in hearing from them.

Many of Irelands’ most impactful social enterprises were set up by former Enactus students from our partner academic institutions including, FoodCloud, Access Earth, Dídean, and Ethicart.

Laura Dennehy Country Manager with Enactus Ireland explains why this campaign is so important and what social enterprise is, “we are delighted to partner with the Government through the dormant accounts fund to help promote the value of social entrepreneurship and to explain to students what possibility are available to them if they chose this path.

Social enterprises are businesses that work primarily to improve people’s lives. The core objective of social enterprises is to achieve a social, societal, or environmental impact on their community. Social enterprises can give support to disadvantaged groups or address more large-scale issues like climate change or housing. Being a part of a social enterprise gives students the opportunity to make a real social impact and the potential to develop skills as social entrepreneurs.

It may seem difficult to identify a social enterprise, but we have simplified it into three metrics. One, is a business positively impacting society or its environment. Two, is the business generating revenue through a business model. Three, are the profits reinvested, rather than distributed among stakeholders. Although social enterprises generate revenue through their services, the focus on reinvestment means it strengthens its social impact. This is the key difference between a traditional business and a social enterprise.

For any students who have a passion for positive social change or want to positively impact the lives of those in your community now is the time to Enact Your Social Impact. Join Enactus Ireland today to be a part of a global network of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. Students who join the Enactus programme develop vital skills for the future of work which will help them become the next generation of socially conscious leaders through experiential learning.

We know there is an increasing interest in students across the third level to do good and help make a difference in their working life and we see that through our network, but we would like more students to consider this path. The skills you develop are invaluable and in return, you get to work on something you truly feel passionate about. While not all of our students go on to run their own social enterprise, many do progress in careers that are linked to their values and passions within companies and organisations.


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